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Hypnotherapy for Well Being

Do you suffer from or deal with:

  • work stress or stress in general

  • family or relationship issues

  • bad habits

  • alchohol addiction or abuse

  • insomnia

  • not performing at work as well as you would like

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • fears or phobias

  • emotional trauma

  • lack of confidence

  • panic attacks

Would you like to:

  • get rid of bad habits (e.g.nail biting)

  • quit smoking

  • lose weight

  • feel more confident

  • perform at work better

  • get rid of fears and/or phobias

  • manage chronic pain better

  • sleep better

  • have tools to manage stress and relax

  • manage your alcohol consumption

Image by Gaelle Marcel

What can you expect from hypnotherapy?

Your mind is so powerful, Your mind is so intelligent. Your mind is so capable.​ Hypnotherapy plugs into the incredible power, intelligence and capability of your mind to:

  • improve the way you think, feel and behave

  • make lasting changes to bad habits

  • remove limiting beliefs


Lilies of the Valley
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Angela - Canberra, Australia

I recently reached out to Mandy as I needed some aids to overcome a difficult period in my life -  a mental breakdown. Mandy gave me the tools to find the switch to turn my positive energy back on. She also gave me the tools to deal with anxiety I felt for an upcoming family event. I will be forever grateful to Mandy for her understanding, expertise and moral support.

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Mandy just want to give you a big hug today - I feel love and happiness in my heart first time in a long time.

Sarah - UK​

I honestly felt like, if you - a total stranger, believed in me and didn't judge me; then at least I should do the same for myself. Brooke - New York, USA​



Hi Mandy... I just want to thank you for coming into my life... I believe it was meant to be.

Cobie - Sydney, Australia

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Whitney - Perth, Australia

Mandy is exceptional at what she does, and a valuable investment if you want the ability to tap into your full potential. Mandy helped me define my values, work on healthy boundaries, and coached me to improve multiple areas in my personal and professional life. If you feel you are holding yourself back, I highly recommend Mandy's services.'

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